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June 12, 2024 1 min read

To determine whether a massage gun aids muscle building, you must know what it does to your muscles.

  • A massage gun promotes muscle contraction when your muscles get tight and contract due to rigorous activity, resulting in muscle lengthening.
  • The correct use of this equipment relieves your body of muscle stress.
  • Muscular stress alleviation and improved blood circulation boost tissue metabolism, which leads to improved muscular health.

The debate over the effect of massage guns on muscle growth is nuanced. Several studies show how it improves your muscles, but no specific data supports the assertion that it helps develop muscles.


Although a massage gun does not directly lead to muscle building, it can indirectly stimulate muscle metabolism and growth.

Athletes commonly use massage guns to treat sports injuries. They use it to recover or develop muscle. This is known as percussive massage. This massage promotes muscle contraction and provides muscle strengthening and lengthening. If you use a massage gun daily, it will relieve stress and energize your body. Massage's primary goal is to provide physical wellness and to relieve stress and tension between muscles. 

Deep tissue massage improves blood circulation, which implies that your muscles will grow in size and health. Your tissue cells help increase tissue metabolism by boosting circulation. Improved blood circulation promotes nutrient availability in the body. This means that your muscles will grow faster than before. 

Sports performance is highly crucial to athletes. Sports performance will also improve with a massage gun since massage provides the body with energy and increases muscle power.