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May 05, 2021 2 min read

You may get to the point where you’d feel too exhausted doing or thinking about things in your life, where you’d lose focus, and eventually would fail. You're starting to feel that something’s not right anymore. Getting back to where you initially started is so tiring if you think so and will be useless, especially if you’re just going through the same process again. You need to reassess everything and see where you might have come up short,  and lose direction and hold of everything. These steps will help you reorganize everything and rework what you might have gotten a bit wrong.


  • Reset your goals.  Try to go over your goals and update it. Defining and having clear and realistic goals would easily allow you to take action and turn your ideas into reality. When you set a goal, you’ll find a way that will help you achieve what you want. Choose a goal that you have interest in as you are more likely to stay motivated if you’re working towards something that you really want. Break up your goals by starting with the easier ones and work your way up to more complicated tasks.
  • Redevelop your plan and vision.  Once your goals are reset, a plan will help you create a clear compelling vision. Again, recheck what you have in your previous plan and revise it. Break down the steps you need to follow to get it done. Look for a bigger picture when you think of your vision, but this time, keep it really short-term at first and then progress once it's achieved. This will keep you motivated.
  • Revise your strategy.  Keep away from your previous setup and approach your newly organized tasks in new ways. Sometimes just getting started again might be the problem, and a different approach might give you a boost. Make sure that you think of ways or strategies that you’re more comfortable and capable of.
  • Reorganized everything.When all are set and started, monitor your progress. When you’re working for an achievement, it can be really motivating if you can see the results as they happen. This way, you'll have an idea of how you’re coming closer to your goals you’ve set yourself.


  • KEEP A POSITIVE OUTLOOKPOSITIVE THOUGHTS CAN LEAD TO POSITIVE ACTIONS. Keep this in mind!!! Sometimes you need to tell yourself your okay and you're on the right track, even if you're on the brink of failing again. Stay compose and take control of how you think, feel, and act.
  • ASK FOR A HAND IF YOU THINK YOU'RE VULNERABLE. Don’t do it alone!!! This may come from a loved one, a colleague, or someone whom you look up to. A word of encouragement can keep you going and can be a big boost to your motivation.
  • THE BEST WAY TO RESTART ON SOMETHING IS TO RESTART BETTER.Don't procrastinate, if you can. Think of all the time and effort you've put through getting back on your feet to restart everything. Don't waste all of that.
  • REWARD YOURSELF. Give yourself some reward for each task completed. Try RECOVAPRO!!!