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July 17, 2023 1 min read

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is the technical term for muscle soreness after exercise. It's natural to experience soreness after doing different exercises or raising the intensity and weights in your workout.

It is not caused by lactic acid buildup, as most people believe, because lactic acid is only present in your muscles for 1 - 2 hours after activity. Resistance training tears the muscle fibres, inflaming the area, which hurts the most! This is how we create muscle: after a workout, the muscle tears and rebuilds itself stronger.

Is soreness after exercise a good thing?

Muscle soreness is neither a positive nor a bad sign. Instead, they indicate that you have pushed the muscle harder than usual or are participating in a new activity.

Even if you don't have DOMS, you can still have an efficient workout. Yes, it's an excellent sign of whether you've pushed yourself to do more and perform better, but it doesn't always indicate that you've had an effective workout. In addition, the idea that more soreness equals more growth is only partially correct. Muscle discomfort indicates that your body has done something it isn't used to doing. Similarly, the absence of discomfort does not imply that your muscles are not expanding.

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