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March 05, 2021 4 min read

Self-Myofascial Release and Vibration Therapy in One Ball...

Are your hands and arms tired and fatigued from your all-day work or stiff, painful, and weak after long hours of gaming? You’re not alone…

Our hands and arms are probably the most used parts of our body, as they carry out a variety of tasks every day, from gripping a doorknob to hanging up clothes on the clothesline. These repetitive motions can strain the whole arm and cause stiffness and painful sensations, which affect daily function.

Receiving a massage can definitely provide some significant pain relief but getting it from a massage ball with an added boost of vibration technology, becomes the best massage tool ever made!

Introducing, the RecovaBall… Unleashing the power of vibration and massage in a ball! A relief for every hand aches and pains…

The RecovaBall  by Recovapro is a cutting-edge fitness technology and recovery device that combines both self-myofascial release (SMR) and vibration therapy in one spherical ball.

The benefits of SMR have already been established with the release of foam rollers and roller massagers. If you’re one person who is just looking for an SMR treatment, then foam rollers may be all that you need, but if you’re seriously seeking out the best muscle recovery tool that can both provide a different SMR experience and the beneficial effects of vibration therapy, look no further than RecovaBall!

The truth is that while both foam rollers and RecovaBall are good options for muscle recovery, they are different in many ways. The spherical RecovaBall may be used in much the same way as a foam roller or roller massagers, however, RecovaBall is more effective at breaking up scar tissue, trigger points, and resistive adhesions because of its small, compact size and shape, providing the most localized, trigger pointing pressure. It provides a greater reach to smaller areas that cannot be covered by foam rollers. And while smashing, rolling, and breaking up adhesions, RecovaBall also promotes an increase in blood flow through its built-in mechanical vibration therapy. You’re addressing the problem two ways, eliminating the source of pain while aiding early healing and recovery…

THE SCIENCE:  The power is all in the ball!…

The RecovaBall offers people of every fitness level a different kind of SMR treatment with the addition of vibration therapy, optimizing performance by increasing flexibility and range of motion while also enhancing recovery and preventing further injury. Its compact design targets the tightest areas of the body and even the smaller sections of a muscle, penetrating them more deeply and providing a more localized treatment. It’s all in the ball!…

A ball metamorphosed...

Once there was a tennis ball massage and golf ball massage, which are practically cheap but handy, portable, and most of all effective self-massage tools that were used to break “muscle knots,” much like a little foam roller. The basic idea of any ball massage is to apply localized pressure to a tender spot in a muscle by pinning the ball between the body part and something else, usually the floor, a wall, or another body part. The point is to use the ball to apply pressure on hard-to-reach spots. Recovapro transformed these ball massage concepts into a cutting-edge fitness tool by incorporating vibration therapy in the ball into a high-density vibrating core to create the RecovaBall.

Injury to the muscle and the fascia covering it can cause imbalances and discomfort, such as in the painful myofascial pain syndrome. And notorious in it are the tender spots, known to many as the muscle knots or trigger points. While the typical massage balls can help loosen these tight spots, combining trigger pointing and vibration with RecovaBall upgrades an SMR session a notch higher.

The innovative spherical shape doesn’t lose contact with your skin. It doesn't stay flat but conforms to every curve and contour of the body with every move. This ensures that vibration and massage are continuously provided not only on a specific, targeted area but also on the surrounding tissues even if it moves in different directions. It allows multidirectional rolling.

The power emanates from the sphere to the target spot, spreading to the surrounding periphery…

RecovaBall can target areas of the body beyond just the arms and the legs. They can be hovered over the neck, chest, back, bottom of your foot, groin, buttocks, and more… The RecovaBall is so compact and portable, making it very convenient for athletes to take anywhere they go. One can get the RecovaBall SMR con vibration therapy, whenever and wherever!!! Experience the RecovaBall benefits and many more now! Visit Recovapro!

To treat the hands and arms:

  1. Turn on RecovaBall and select intensity at your comfort level.
  2. Hold still RecovaBall on one hand, then rolling it with the other hand and working it from your palm, all the way up through your forearms, and further up to your upper arms.
  3. For added pressure, press on the ball with your other hand while moving it over target areas.

A simple exercise for the hand:

  1. Make a gentle fist on one hand, with the thumb wrap across the fingers.
  2. Hold the grip by tensing the muscles around the forearm and maintaining the position for up to one minute.
  3. Release, then spread and stretch all of your fingers as wide as possible.
  4. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times with each hand.

RecovaBall arm massage is quick, relaxing, and provides you with immediate health benefits, such as general relaxation, enhanced circulation, improved range of motion, reduction of your hyperirritable trigger points, and most of all, improved function.